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Meet Our Exceptional Team of Experts

Discover the dedicated and highly skilled professionals who make up our medical laboratory team. With a shared commitment to precision and quality, our experts bring a wealth of experience in various specialized fields, including pathology, and molecular diagnostics.

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Laboratory and department of pathology

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Jane Cooper
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Brooklyn Simmons
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Leslie Alexander
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Annette Black

Streamlining the Path to Precise Laboratory Results


Streamlining the Path to Precise Laboratory Results

"Our streamlined approach, guided by industry best practices and quality control measures, maximizes productivity without compromising precision. By optimizing our laboratory operations, we minimize turnaround times, reduce errors, and maintain the highest standards of quality."

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Jessica Robinson



Customers frequently ask

What types of tests does your medical laboratory offer?
How long does it typically take to receive test results?
Can I schedule an appointment for laboratory testing, or is it walk-in only?
Are there any special instructions or preparations needed before undergoing certain tests?
How do I obtain a copy of my test results?
What quality control measures are in place to ensure the accuracy of the test results?
Are your laboratory technicians certified and experienced in performing the tests?
What is the cost associated with laboratory testing, and do you accept insurance?
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